Colorado 14ers

Event Type Record Holder Time Date Notes Full Results
All 14ers hiking Ted Keizer 10d20h26m fall/01 see full results and this article and Ted's site. some info by Bill Briggs on 14er link-ups
Self-powered 14ers biking/hiking Andrew Hamilton 19d10h40m37s 6/24/03 - 7/13/03 Currently ongoing.

Andrew set the 14er record in 1999 and now he's doing it completely under his own power. Starting and finishing from his house in Jamestown. He is supported, but never rides a motorized vehicle. He is using mountain and road bikes and hiking. This included Challenger Point and Conundrum, but did not include the private Culebra.

More information about another unsupported 14er link-up.
Nolan's 14 hiking/scrambling John Robinson 54h57m Aug. 2002 All 14 14er's in the Sawatch Range. This is around 90 miles with 44,000 vertical feet of climbing. This is a race with a 60-hour cut-off. Most do not climb all 14. reference

Pikes Peak running Matt Carpenter 2h01m06s 8/93 13.4 miles and 7850 vertical feet for this ascent only. This isn't from the trailhead, but from the Pikes Peak Marathon starting line - in the middle of town. See Matt's site for more info. During this race he set the roundtrip record as well: 3h16m39s. The roundtrip is 26.2 miles - a full marathon.
Pikes Peak - winter ascent running/hiking Kreighton Bieger 4h02m52s 1/25/03 With pack full of food, clothes, water. Unsupported from the Barr Trailhead. 6h41m for the roundtrip (walked with a friend the last 1.5 miles)
Longs Peak running Mike Sullivan 1h18m 1982 See separate RMNP section
Mt. Massive roundtrip Bill Wright 3h07m summer '00 trailhead-to-trailhead time. Up in 1h56m. 13.5 miles roundtrip, 4500 vertical feet. Via the Colorado Trail and standard ascent.
Mt. Massive - ascent only ascent only Kraig Koski 1h35m 8/4/01 Via the Colorado Trail and standard ascent. Trailhead to summit.  
Grays - ascent only running/hiking Kraig Koski 1h29m 6/28/92 from Bakerville exit. 7 miles and 4500 vertical feet.
Grays and Torreys running/hiking - roundtrip Bill Wright 1h59m 8/2000 Trailhead to trailhead - see full results.
Bierstadt running/hiking Bill Wright ? ? trailhead-to-trailhead time
Sid Hayes 1h55m40s 8/17/99 Kite Lake start and finish.

Sid made the top of Democrat in just 36m31s.

2nd fastest isBill Wright on 9/28/03:
Democrat summit: 59:13
Cameroon summit: 1:44:28
Lincoln Summit: 1:55:20
Bross Summit: 2:17:05
TH: 2:45:03

3rd fastest is Myke Komarnitsky on 7/27/03:
Democrat summit: 59:10
Lincoln Summit: 1:50:49
Bross Summit: 2:16:39
TH: 2:49:55

4th fastest is Warren Teissier at 2h51m on 9/02

Ben Hoyt: 3h31m
reference: personal email
Huron - ascent only running/hiking Dan Hudspeth 1h08m ? Dan's roundtrip time was 2h17m with 12m spent on the summit. John Prater and Bill Wright went up in 1h26m. Bill did the roundtrip in 2h20m.
Handies roundtrip
Bill Wright 1h15m 9/3/02 I went up in 51 minutes and down in 24 minutes. A great, smooth trail, but with a couple of small drops on the way up. Car to car.
Sid Hayes 4h25m45s 8/10/97
Belford ascent in 1:23:08, across to Oxford summit in 1:53:23, back to Belford summit at 2:20:51. Summit of Missouri at 3:10:05

In July '00 Bill Wright, George Bell, Steve Mathias did these three in 5h29m. They did the 4th class ridge up Missouri to minimize their descent.
Quandary roundtrip
Sid Hayes 1h45m02s 7/27/00 Sid went up in 59m27s. Trailhead-to-trailhead time.
2nd fastest: John Prater with 1h48m09s and an ascent time of 1h12m11s on 7/12/03

Bill Wright did 1h58m33s in 2002 with an ascent time of 1h15m50s.
reference: personal emails for all of these.
Quandary - Inwood Arete climbing/hiking Joe Forrester 3h39m 7/12/04 The ascent from the car to the summit took 1h47m.

The route itself is a little meandering. Basically at the very southeast end of the lake on the north side of quandary you start up a 200ft slab that then hits a knife edge ridgeline. I went right around a series of three towers on the ridge and then met up with the standard east ridge route. I have read some trip reports of people that encounter a 5.6 chimney, but I didn't see one. The slab climbing was nice, not too hard. I parked my car at the McGulough trailhead (spelling) and then hiked up a fairly well established trail past an old mine. You will know that you are on the right trail if you pass the mine with the "trespassers will be shot on sight" sign. There are a few switchbacks past the mine and then there is a cairned trail that takes you toward the arete. I have put up one other rock route in the area, "The Unforgiven" which goes at 5.4. That route is on one of the more eastern rock aretes. I think you can shave off a bunch of time if you don't take the real east ridge trail down, but cut off early to the car. Also, heads up for rockfall, there was some stuff coming down.
reference: personal email
Capitol roundtrip
Sid Hayes 5h01m42s 8/18/91 trailhead-to-trailhead time.

Sid did the ascent in 2h45m04s.

Bill Wright and John Praterdid 6h07m in the summer of '00.
reference: personal email
Capitol Triathlon biking / hiking / climbing Neal Beidleman and Kevin Cooney 11h summer '95 Aspen to Aspen via mt. bikes, hiking and up the Northwest Face (IV 5.9). Unsupported - carried all gear the entire way. Used an 8mm rope and a small rack. reference: personal email
Crestone Group running/hiking/
Bill Briggs 9h45s 8/16/87 From high camp - Colony Lakes. Includes Crestone Peak, Crestone Needle, Kit Carson, and Humbolt. Not Challenger Point because that wasn't in vogue back then. reference: personal email
Crestone Link-up hiking / scrambling / climbing John Prater and Bill Wright 15h05m 6/03 From the trailhead at the end of the 4WD road we climbed Ellingwood Ledges to the summit of the Needle, then did the traverse to Crestone Peak, down the North Buttress and over to the base of the Prow on Kit Carson. Up the Prow to Kit Carson Avenue, over to the summit of Challenger Point, then up the direct finish on the Prow to the summit of Kit Carson. Finally back to the car via Obstruction Peak and the 3rd class ridge over to the Humbolt Trail. trip report
Blanca Group (Blanca, Little Bear, and Ellingwood) running/hiking/
Bill Briggs 9h15s 7/19/88 From Como Lake reference: personal email
Little Bear - ascent only running/hiking Syd Hayes 1h08m11s 7/11/89 From Como Lake reference: personal email
Blanca Group (Blanca, Little Bear, and Ellingwood) running/hiking/
Syd Hayes 9h36m33s 7/11/89 From 2WD Parking:

from as the guidebooks say.". two wheel drive ends here". Hiked to Lake Como with overnight backpack .then climbed Ellingwood, then over to Blanca....down to camp. Then went up to Little Bear summit in 1:08:11, and back down to camp, and then decided not to camp and walked down to vehicle.(took 1:30)
reference: personal email
Antero Group running/hiking/
Bill Briggs 7h50s 6/17/88 Antero, Shavano, and Tabegauche from Alpine (9600') reference: personal email
Capitol and Snowmass running/hiking/
Bill Briggs 11h15s 8/6/90 Roundtrip from Snowmass Village reference: personal email
Mosquito Range Traverse running/hiking/
Bill Briggs 11h45m 8/10/91 Quandary to Sherman reference: personal email
Columbia, Harvard, Missouri, Oxford, Belford running/hiking/
Bill Briggs 12h25m 8/8/92 Roundtrip from Pine Creek and Colorado Trail Junction. reference: personal email
Extended 10-mile Range running/hiking/
Bill Briggs 11h55m 7/18/93 Quandary Trailhead to Frisco reference: personal email
Massive, Elbert, LaPlata running/hiking/
Paul Fuller,
Bill Briggs
13h10m 6/20/94 Half Moon to La Plata Trailhead reference: personal email
Lake City Five running/hiking/
Bill Briggs 12h00m 7/27/01 Nellie Creek to Grizzly Gulch Trailhead reference: personal email
Mt. Lincoln running/hiking Roger Briggs 1h29m10s 1987 From road on Alma side from Bill Briggs
Mt. Elbert running/hiking Sid Hayes 1h13m07s 1987 From Twin Lakes Trailhead. 2nd fastest is Roger Briggs (1h37m50s in 1987). reference: personal email
Mt. Yale running/hiking Bill Briggs 2h26m 6/3/01 CTC time. Denny gulch trailhead and followed the Southwest slopes route. Bill went up in 1h32m. This is 5.8 miles and 4500 vertical feet. reference: personal email
Elks Range Traverse hiking/climbing Neal Beidleman and Jeff Hollenbaugh 34h 1996 The first continuous link-up of the Elk Mtn 14ers (unsupported, no cars, no roads). We started at Cow Camp below Capitol Pk, did, in order, Capitol, Snowmass, S. Maroon, N. Maroon, Pyramid, Castle (w/ 1 hr mandatory stop in the Conundrum Hot springs and an additional 2 other 13,500 pks on a route finding error - total guess is maybe 65 - 75 miles and 25K climb??) reference: personal email
Mt. Sherman hiking Jay Anderson ? ? Iowa gulch trailhead (CTC)
North Maroon Peak ascent only Sid Hayes 1h43m57s 8/24/96 Sid came down in 1h2757s. Parking lot to summit. 2nd fastest by Neal Beidleman in 1h55m. Bill Briggs did 2h15m in Sept. 2003 reference: personal email
Pyramid Peak ascent only Sid Hayes 1h48m34s 8/25/96 He came down in 1h35m03

2nd fastest: B.J. Sbarra and Matt Samet, who went up the northwest ridge and down the northeast ridge, which they did car to car in 3h45m.
reference: personal email
Mt. Harvard running/hiking Sid Hayes 3h00m18s 8/26/91 Sid went up in 1h43m41s.

Cottonwood creek trailhead.
reference: personal email
Mt. Sneffels running/hiking Sid Hayes 3h31m34s 8/29/91 Sid went up in 1h59m48s.

Blue Lakes trailhead to trailhead.
reference: personal email
Eolus, Sunlight, and Windom running / hiking / climbing Matt Mahoney 22h03m 7/14/03 Car to car! No train or mt. bike reference:
Windom and Sunlight (no Eolus) running/hiking Sid Hayes 5h44m04s 6/27/90 Needleton trailhead at departure from train.

Windom summit in 2:40:03. Sunlight summit at 3:36:52. Back in 2:07:12
reference: personal email
Wilson Group running/hiking Sid Hayes 5h01m20s 8/10/91 Silver Pick trailhead-ascended to summit of Wilson Peak in 1:46:52. Then across ridge to summit of El Diente in 2:41:57 (split was 55:05). Down and across to the summit of Mt. Wilson at 3:57:03 reference: personal email
Wetterhorn running/hiking Sid Hayes 2h13m59s 8/27/97 via Matterhorn TH. Ascent in 1h14m29s. reference: personal email
La Plata running/hiking John Nichols 3h15m 7/16/04 via NW Ridge from Colorado 82. Ascent in 2 hours. reference: personal email