Rocky Mountain National Park

Event Type Record Holder Time Date Notes Full Results
Longs Peak Ascent running/climbing Mike Sullivan 1h18m31s 1982 Via Cables route
Grand Slam hiking/running Bill Briggs 5h13m 8/13/03 see full results
Meeker - ascent only hiking/running Bill Wright 1h49m12s 9/7/02 see full results for Grand Slam
Park Interior Loop (aka Ten Peaks Traverse) hiking/climbing Bill Briggs 7h17m 9/3/84 Glacier Gorge Trailhead to trailhead. Longs through Flattop.
Arrowhead-McHenry's-Chiefshead-Spearhead hiking/climbing Bill Wright and George Bell 8h26m30s 7/21/02 trip report
Longs Peak on foot from Boulder hiking/running Buzz Burrell and Peter Bakwin
Blitzen Ridge on Mt. Ypsilon hiking/running/climbing John Tormalehto 5h15m 6/22/02 This route is mostly 4th class, but does have climbing in the 5.4-6 range.
Never Summer Traverse hiking/running Bart Miller, Bill Briggs 10h45m 7/30/94 Mt. Baker to Thunder Pass  
Granite/Storm Passes hiking/running          
Mt. Lady Washington hiking/running Bret Wilson ~1h05m 1990's Ranger station to the summit  
Chasm Lake hiking/running Roger Briggs 47m13s 1982 Ranger station to lake  
Ouzel Peak hiking/running Roger Briggs 1h52m35s 1978 From Wild Basin Trailhead to the summit.  
Curse of the Mummies hiking/running Bill Wright and Eric Winkelman ~10h summer 2002 Start and finish at the Long Lake Trailhead and summit Mummy Mountain, Fairchild, Hagues, Ypsilon, and Chaquita - extra credit for Chapin. This is slow, but I don't know any other times.
Mummy Mania hiking/running Chris Fisher 7h45m 9/4/03 As described in Roach's guide to RMNP: The start is at Chapin Pass and ends at Lawn Lake TH. It consisted of Chapin, Chaquita, Ypsilon, Fairchild, Hagues and Mummy mountain. This is 16 miles and 5700 vertical ft. Chris had a cold when he did this and didn't run any of it. He says it will go under 6 hours.

Ref: personal email.
Twin Sisters Mtn. hiking/running Diego Luz 47m53s 9/8/03 from start of trail to summit.
around 3.5 miles.
personal email from Marc Hemmes
Mt Alice hiking/running Diego Luz 2h58m 8/18/01 from the Wild Basin T.H. via Hourglass Ridge. 6-7 miles?
personal email from Marc Hemmes
Hallets Pk
hiking/running Jeff Ofsanko 59m 6/99 Bear Lake/Flattop Trailhead to summit via Flattop personal email from Marc Hemmes
Old Fall River Rd. hiking/running Bill Raiter 1h09m summer '03 from gate at bottom to visitors center @ top. ~ 9 miles personal email from Marc Hemmes