Everyone has now heard about Andrew Hamilton's astounding
feat of climbing all of the public 14ers by bike. For each
of us individually, the feats of others fall into three
categories: repeatable (I could do that), conceivable (I
might not be able to do that, but I can imagine people doing
it), and inconceivable (I can't imagine anyone doing that).
For me, Andrew's accomplishment is of the last category.

Having said that, I want to mention some history that we all
should know about that is relevant to Andrew's feat. I hope
this history is not forgotten and is mentioned in accounts
of recent events.

In the summer of 1985 two significant 14er projects were
completed. Between July 29 and September 27 of that year,
Estes Park locals Glen and Pete Dunmire climbed all of the
14ers (Culebra included) by bike. Done almost 20 years ago,
this was a visionary accomplishment, a proof on concept that
no one had considered before. Glen and Pete carried tents,
sleeping bags, clothes, and food on their bikes and had no
support apart from four meals cooked by their mother on the
road. They resupplied their food in stores along the way.
As I recall, this trip received scant mention in the
newspapers and as a result, it seems largely forgotten.

Even more obscure (unknown to me until today) is the tour of
the 14ers by Mike Whitehurst and two companions *on foot*. I
need to find out much more about this trip and would welcome
information from anyone who knows about it. This is surely a
landmark in the history of the 14ers and has not been
repeated as far as I know.

Bill Briggs