Event Type Record Holder Time Date Notes Full Results
First Flatiron solo Buzz Burrell 35m04s 10/08/03 During the first ever First Flatiron Time Trial.
Second Flatiron dual solo Hans Florine and Bill Wright 47m11s 3/30/92 We simul-soloed this, starting and finishing at the Gregory Canyon Trailhead. 10m52 to the base of the route; 31m45s to the summit via Free For All (5.6) - never stepping off the rock, like some do. We then downclimbed off the back and ran down the First Flatiron Trail.  
Third Flatiron solo Bill Briggs 36m27s 7/24/89 No ropes were used. Descent was via the Southwest Chimney route. Note this date is currently illegal. Here are the splits: Bluebell Shelter 5:50 Shoulder of 3rd (standard start) 14:50 Summit 22:43 Ground 27:02
Fourth Flatiron solo Stefan Griebel 59m15s 7/28/03 00m00s - Chautauqua Trash Can
07m27s - Royal Arch Trail
18m20s - Sentinel Pass
20m30s - Base of 4th
39m45s - Summit of 4th
50m40s - Sentinel Pass
59m15s - Chautauqua Trash Can
Fifth Flatiron solo Stefan Griebel 54m09s 6/25/04 07m52s - Royal Arch Trail
19m03s - Sentinal Pass
26m38s - Base (E. face, S. Side)
34m12s - Summit
45m07s - Sentinal Pass
54m09s - Chautauqua

2nd fastest: Bill Wright at 56m47s on 4/18/02. I raced a storm up this face. I started and stopped at Chautauqua Park and climbed the East Face South Side route. 26m40s to the base of the route; 33m09 summit (6m27s for the route itself - this is around five pitches of 5.4 climbing).
Bill's trip report
First and Third Flatiron solo Buzz Burrell 53m09s 8/5/03 Trashcan at top of stairs is the start/finish

Base 11:20
Top 1st 22:10
Bottom 22:40
East Bench 30:00
Top 3rd 37:10
Trash Can 53:09
First, Second, and Third Flatirons solo Buzz Burrell 1h09m13s 1/1/03 Splits:
Trashcan 0:00
Summit 1st 24:40
Bottom 2nd 40:00 (downclimbed the 2nd)
Summit 3rd 52:00
Trashcan 69:13

Second fastest: 1/1/13 Buzz Burrell and Bill Briggs:
Base of 1st: 00:13; Summit of 1st: 00:27; Summit of 2nd: 00:32:30 (downclimbed the 2nd!); Base of 2nd: 00:48; Shoulder of 3rd: 00:54; Summit of 3rd: 1:02; Ranger cottage: 1:18:40
Quinfecta - all Five Flatirons solo Buzz Burrell 2h01m48s 10/21/03 see full results
Seal Rock solo Bill Wright 54m02s 5/?/00 I climbed the face itself in just 8m20s.
The Slab solo Jon Sargent 33m19s 6/30/04 see full results
Angel's Way Loop dual
Stefan Griebel and Bill Wright 1h38m47s 10/18/02 Chautauqua Park to park (actually, trashcan to trashcan). Must run Mesa Trail to Skunk Canyon, then up the canyon and up the Angel's Way route (5.4?). Once at the top of the rock continue to the summit of East Green Mt. Then over to the Greenman Trail and up that to the summit of Green Mt. Now down the West Ridge, Ranger, Gregory, Baseline Trails back to the trashcan start

2nd fastest: Myke Komarnitsky (1h55m15s)
trip report (with Stefan)

trip report (with Myke)
Top Ten solo Bill Briggs 6h31m 10/01 see full results
Front Porch solo Bill Wright 29m07s 12/16/02 Start and stop at the trailhead at NCAR. I climbed the East Face Center route.  
Matron - East Ridge solo Buzz Burrell 51m12s 9/29/03 Soloed up and down the East Ridge. Started and finished at the bridge in Eldorado Springs.
Maiden - North Face Route solo Bill Briggs 1h23m 5/15/04 South Mesa Trailhead to South Mesa Trailhead. Free soloed the route, but carried and used a rope for the descent (two rappels).
Fatiron dual solo Bill Wright and Timmy O'Neill 1h25m19s 5/7/03 South Mesa Trailhead to South Mesa Trailhead. Used Big Bluestem on the approach and came down Shadow/Towhee. We went together, but didn't carry a rope, harness or anything else. trip report
Fatiron team Kreighton Beiger, Ben Hoyt, Bernard Vachon, Bill Wright 2h19m50s 3/12/03 Started and finished at the South Mesa Trailhead. Kreighton and Bernard roped up just the first section (this rock is divided into two big pieces). trip report
Mesa Quad solo Bill Wright 3m28m22s 5/18/03 Started and finished at the South Mesa Trailhead. Climbed the Fatiron, the Slab, Seal Rock, and the Front Porch. trip report
Fountain Fantasy solo Bill Briggs 8h22m 5/30/03 Details