Boulder Trail Running Records

Event Type Record Holder Time Date Notes Full Results
Mt. Sanitas ascent Scott Elliott 14m40s ? 1.5 miles and 1300 vertical feet.
Mesa Trail north to south or south to north Dave Mackey ~47m 6/3/03 First half of a Double Mesa run. This was north to south, which should be slightly easier as it drops 50 feet this direction.
Double Mesa roundtrip Dave Mackey 1h34m29s 6/3/03 Strict Mesa trail from the small concrete bridge at the southern end to the parking lot at Chautauqua Park on the north end. Or visa-versa.
Flagstaff ascent Sean ? 16m08s 6/18/03 Via trail. Start at Gregory Canyon and Flagstaff road. End as soon as you first reach the Amphitheater Road.
Green Mountain ascent Nathan Schultz 34m08s ? From Chautauqua Park via Baseline, Amphitheater, Saddle Rock, Greenman trails
Bear Peak ascent via Fern Canyon Bill Wright 47m?s    
Bear Peak ascent via Bear Canyon Kraig Koski 56m00s 8/11/01  
Fern Canyon ascent from Mesa Trail to post below summit of Bear Peak Galen Burrell 26m45s 5/18/04 Dave Mackey did it in 27m0s and Scott Elliot was just behind him.  
South Boulder Peak ascent via Shadow from South Mesa Trailhead Galen Burrell 45m20s 6/8/04  
South Boulder Peak ascent via Old Mesa Trailhead Bill Wright 49m?s   This is faster than going from the South Mesa Trailhead. Mackey would probably be sub-45 on this course.
NCAR Road ascent Adam Crooker 7m28s 1989 2km up road with 500 feet of climbing. The fastest female time is 9m0s by Patty Murray (this was NOT during the official race, where only NCAR employees are allowed to enter). race history
NCAR Trail ascent Buzz Burrell & Jed DeOrsay 5m36s 10/17/02 Starts at the trail sign very near the start for the road course. It ends at the trail sign where the trail reaches the parking lot.
Mallory Cave ascent Jon Sargent 8m52s 6/25/04 Start at Mesa Trail and Mallory Trail junction.

2nd fastest: Kreighton Beiger and Jed DeOrsay on 9/18/02 in 9m03s.
reference: personal email
Marshall-Mesa Lollipop complete course Clint Wells 51m?s 2002 See full results for description
Walker Ranch Loop complete course Dave Mackey 54m54s 9/23/03 He ran counter-clockwise.
Walker Ranch Lollipop complete course Bill Wright 2h38m?s   Start and finish at the Eldorado Trailhead in Eldorado Springs Canyon. Run the trail out to the Walker Ranch Loop, do the loop, and return.
Great Flatiron Loop complete course Bill Wright 3h35m?s    
Backside Loop complete course Paul Pomeroy 2h48    
Three Peaks Green, Bear, South Boulder Roger Briggs 2h?m   Any route - he was off trail nearly the entire time.
Four Peaks Super Loop start/finish in Chautauqua Parking Lot. Charlie Nuttelman 2h56m 3/03 start at Chataqua, run the Enchanted Mesa Trail to the Mesa Trail, then follow the Mesa Trail down to Big Bluestem. Follow that down to Mesa Trail and then down that to Towhee Trail. Now up that to the base of Shadow Canyon to South Boulder Peak, then over to Bear Peak, then down the west ridge to the creek and up Green-Bear Trail to
the summit of Green, then down the west ridge of green to flagstaff road then down the road 0.5 mile to Long canyon, down Long canyon to the ranger cabin,
then over to the top of Flagstaff (not the actual top but to where you can take a right down Flagstaff trail), and down flagstaff trail to baseline trail and back to chataqua.
Sanitarado Sanitas, Flagstaff, Green, Bear, South Boulder Peak, Eldorado Mountain - point to point. Mark Oveson and Bill Wright 7h49m   Start at the Sanitas trailhead, did the loop up that mountain and then did all the mountains down to Eldo, finishing at the Rattlesnake Gulch Trailhead. Trails followed here are the trail over the hump to Eben G. Fine, Skyline Trail to Flagstaff Trail, to Ranger Trail to Green Mountain West Ridge to Green-Bear to West Ridge of Bear Peak, traverse over to SBP, down Shadow Canyon to Old Mesa Trail, up the road to the Rattlesnake Gulch Trail. By far the crux is Eldorado Mountain, as there isn't a trail for last 1500+ vertical feet. 9000 vertical feet.
Eldoitas The Sanitardo in the reverse direction - point to point. Kreighton Beiger 6h56m37s   With Bill Wright three minutes back (6h59m37s), Homie Prater another two minutes back and Warren Teissier about 30 more minutes back.
Cross County   Buzz Burrell and Peter Bakwin      
Cross County, Cross Canyons   Buzz Burrell and Peter Bakwin     There is no fixed route, we make refinements each time we do it. Our route starts at Johnny Park (Big Elk Meadows) and links up fishing trails in St Vrain, Cerran St Vrain, CR102, Sawmill Rd, Switzerland Trail,
Switzerland Park, ending in Boulder Canyon. I know that's not the whole county, but after 35 miles its enough & Boulder Can is an easy bailout. The route to Coal Creek is clear. Anyway, you can try to find the route on your own sometime (difficult even with the map) or we can show you, as we plan to do this every year (if not we will forget how.) Its best in fall when the creek crossing in St Vrain is manageable but there's not too much snow.
Royal Arch ascent only Chris Parks 22m0s 5/21/03 This route starts at the Chautuaqua Trashcan and finishes at the big tree directly under the arch. This is a conservative time. He was probably a minute faster.
Boulder Circumnavigation I don't know this exact route, but it is about 50 miles Paul Pomeroy 7h39m04s 12/14/02 Steph Ehret has the women's record at 8h18m54s.
Brook Loop loop run Bill Wright 37m29s 6/2/03 Towhee / Shadow Canyon / Bridge
Trail / Mesa Trail (head north) / Big Bluestem / Mesa trail (head south).
Longs Peak from Boulder roundtrip Paul Pomeroy 28h44m 7/3-4/03 Old Chicago's at Pearl and Broadway was the start/finish. Peter Bakwin ran from the start to the summit and back to the trailhead with him. Steph Ehret ran from the trailhead through the night back to Boulder. Paul started at 9 p.m. so ran through two nights. trip report
Fairview High School to W. Ridge / Green Mtn Jct. run / hike Roger Briggs 51m54s 5/20/91 Via Bear Canyon

A strange destination, but very hard time by a Boulder legend.
Sunshine Canyon from 4th and Mapleton to the 10-mile marker in Gold Hill run Galen Burrell 1h38m 4/11/04 This involves 3000 feet of climbing and ten miles.