Mt. McKinley

AKA Denali. The tallest mountain in North America at 20,320 feet. Just outside the artic circle, this is one of the coldest mountains on earth. Almost all ascents take place during May and June when it is possible to fly into the Kahiltna Glacier.

There are 8 events for this area.


Event Record Holder Time Date Notes Full Results
Diamond in 44 hoursNo data as yetSet the record today!
Slovak RouteScott Backes, Steve House and Mark Twight60:00:002000-06-00Not sure of the exact date. Sixty hours in one push. This was the 3rd ascent of the route, but just days after the 2nd ascent and they utilized the kicked steps and pre-dug ledges to go faster. Ben Gilmore and Kevin Mahoney did the 2nd ascent.
W ButtressNo data as yetSet the record today!
West ButtressGARY SCOTT18:29:001990-05-201986. Official record: time-verified by ranger personel. Ascent from basecamp (Kahiltna Glacier at 7,200') to the summit 20,320'. Total elevation gain, 13,120'. (See for reports on the 2003 claimed new record which has been proven bogus based on several items: (1) climber (Chad Kellogg) was largly supported with water, food, and gear in his ascent, unlike Gary Scott who was completely self-sufficient, which is the long standing rule of speed climbing on Denali; (2) climber (Chad Kellogg's) own start timer, Lisa Roderick, stated in writing to the media several weeks after his climb that she recalled him starting at 11:00pm whereas Kellogg reported to the media that he started at 2:15am - Kellogg's reported time is 3 hours 15 minutes fsster than it really way - his entire time is called into question.
west buttress mt. mckinleyNo data as yetSet the record today!
West Buttress RouteNo data as yetSet the record today!
World's 1st twin sisters to scale Mckinley togetherNo data as yetSet the record today!
youngest ascentNo data as yetSet the record today!